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ATIC is a pro-active, not-for-profit organisation of major tyre related concerns in Australia, a significant source of statistical, volume and factual information about tyres and a major player in the search for an effective solution to the problem of end-of-life tyres. Read More

The mission of ATIC is to build and enhance the credibility, professionalism and public perception of the Australian Tyre Industry.

Our aim is to be recognised as a united Industry whose culture is pro-active and innovative in dealing with the technical, commercial and environmental challenges of the Third Millennium.

We believe that our goals will be reached and maintained through the adoption of World's Best Practice in these key areas:

  • Environmental Impact Management and End of Life Programmes for Tyres and their related products.
  • Gathering and sharing among Members of all available Marketing Data in order to enable accurate and timely monitoring of individual share of the market.
  • Preparation and diffusion of information towards users of tyres in order to ensure the product's safest, most economical and ecological use.
  • Building and enhancing a close cooperation with Government, Regulators and organizations working on the consultation and implementation of common Standards in all areas including safety, commercial and technical activity.
  • Adoption of common guidelines and practices.

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Australian Tyre Industry Council Ltd.
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Press Releases

End of Life Tyre Stewardship Scheme receives ACCC Authorisation

Today’s determination by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission represents a landmark decision and the culmination of more than a decade of work towards the implementation of a joint Industry Tyre Stewardship Scheme.

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End of Life Tyre Stewardship

With the direct involvement of The Department of the Environment and Water Resources, ATIC has been a co-sponsor and source of funding for a major study on the Proposed National Used Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme. The Scheme aims to find better ways to exploit the residual potential of used tyres, contribute to a better environment and minimise the utilisation of landfill.

Our studies show that a number of environmentally innovative solutions exist for this significant issue: ATIC is fully committed to their detailed definition and implementation in the shortest possible time.

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